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FAQ: How to use a penis pump, the #NSFW demo video!

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis. If you are reading this, you’ve probably learned that a penis pump can help, but you could use some help putting it together correctly and showing you how it works.

Many of you have written and we have heard you!

By popular demand, we have created an instructional video to demonstrate how to put together and use a penis pump on a live model. This video also includes information on how to clean and care for the pump after you are done using it.

Our Penis Pumps 101 blog features written instructions and more information on using a penis pump for the first time.

You may also be interested in reviewing our blog post on customizing pumps to fit you better.

We hope this helps you pick and enjoy a PUMP WORX penis pump that is right for you! Feel free to contact one of our Sexperts if you have any more questions.