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FAQ: Fuck Me Silly versus Fuck Me Silly Petite

Two of our most popular Pipedream Extreme Toyz are going head-to-head in a battle for the title of Most Fuckable Toy! Okay maybe not, as all of our mega masturbators are perfectly penetrable, but we’ve definitely received quite a few questions in regards to their size. Here are their measurements and some side-by-side photos.

Fuck Me Silly Measurements:

Item Length: 14.5 in. – ( 368 mm )
Item Width: 14 in. – ( 356 mm )
Item Height: 9.75 in. – ( 248 mm )
Item Weight: 22 lbs. ( 9.98 kgs )


Fuck Me Silly Petite Measurements:

Item Length: 10.5 in. – ( 267 mm )
Item Width: 11.25 in. – ( 286 mm )
Item Height: 6.5 in. – ( 165 mm )
Item Weight: 10 lbs. ( 4.42 kgs )

Learn more about the Fuck Me Silly in our previous blog entries. Email info@pipedreamproducts.com for more information about Pipedream Extreme Toyz or any other Pipedream product, or ask the Sexpert!

Get Her Wet!: Which Mega Masturbators Are Water Safe?


Our Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbators feel so real, you might like to treat them to a romantic bubble bath or a fiery romp in the pool! But just like any other intimate affair, don’t forget to practice safe sex with your rubber lover. Before indulging in some wet and wild fun, make sure your girl or guy is safe to submerge. Below you will find two lists that decipher the Mega Masturbators that are safe to completely submerge in water, and those that are restricted from submergence.

GET HER WET! The following toys are a-okay to completely submerge in water:

Pipedream Extreme Jizz Junkie, RD275


DO NOT GET HER WET! The following toys are absolutely unsafe to completely submerge in water:

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Black Ass! RD174-23


If you can’t keep these lists handy, here are some tips on how to determine whether your Mega Masturbator is safe to submerge:

Check her holes! If your Mega Masturbator is unsafe to submerge, you will find a hole on the backside* where foam has been inserted. This foam is used to fluff her up while remaining lightweight for easy handling. When you spread the hole on the backside, you will see evidence of foam almost immediately. This is the ultimate proof that your toy is unsafe to submerge. Any water that comes into contact with the foam may permanently damage the material.

The “backside” and foam-filled hole.

Another way to check for submergence safety is to finger all the holes, both penetrable and not penetrable. Reach through one side with one hand, and the other side with your other hand. If your fingers can touch in the middle, proving that all holes are connected by one tube, then you’re ready to take your Lil’ Fuck Her for a dive!

Though it’s unsafe to submerge some of these toys completely, you can still wash them with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water – just be extremely conscious of that foamy hole! For additional tips on how to care for and maintain your Fanta Flesh Mega Masturbator, click here and here. Click here for more information about the materials used in our masturbators. See a video demonstration using some of our Fuck Me Silly toys here. You can also send questions to our Sexpert or email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com!

*Decoding Pipedream terminology: The backside we are referring to here is not to be confused with the actual buttocks of the toy. In this case, the “backside” is the flat side where you will find the hole that the foam has been inserted into.

Real User Video: Pipedream Extreme Toyz Titty Fuck-Her

You might be on the fence about which Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbator to buy, or maybe you liked our NSFW Product Video for the Titty Fuck-Her and now you want to see more. Well, one of our users posted a hot video to XTube, playing with his Titty Fuck-Her and other toys. There’s a preview above, click through to get the uncensored gritty details.

Need Hi-Resolution Product Photos?

In case you weren’t aware, all of our products have hi-resolution images available directly from Pipedream’s wholesale website, PipedreamProducts.com

Because of the large file sizes, we cannot send these via email.

Here is an overview of the various ways you can get the downloads you need from our website.

If you have additional questions or needs you can email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com

If you are looking for a specific product or a handful of products the best route is to retrieve the images from the product detail page. You can choose from a large RGB formatted jpeg (best for web) or a high resolution TIFF file that are CMYK formatted (best for print).

You can search on our website by product name, but most people find more accurate search results by entering an item number in the search bar. All Pipedream Products have an item number. Most start with a PD followed by 4 numbers with a 2-digit extension to represent the color of the item.

If you are searching by item number you only need the first four numbers; including the PD in front of the item number is optional. We recommend not including the 2-digit color extension so you can retrieve all color options available for the item you are looking for.

NOTE: Pipedream Extreme Toyz masturbators have 3-digit item numbers and begin with RD instead of PD.

If you’re looking to get more than a few images, don’t worry – you do not have to look up every item individually. Pipedream has a robust downloads area on PipedreamProducts.com where you can get images downloaded in large batches.

First up on the downloads area is our Catalogs, which are broken down by brand and/or category. From here you can get a PDF file of all content in the catalog, low-res images, hi-res images, thumbnails, and descriptions.

If this is more than what you need and you just want hi-res photos, then those are listed with links to download everything in each of the categories listed on the left side of the home page of our website. (ie. New Releases, New Galley, Anal, Bachelorette, etc).

What’s the difference between New Releases and New Galley?

New Releases include all of our newest offerings and include many that are available for pre-order only.

New Galley narrows it down to new releases that are freshly available for immediate shipment.

When you click on a link to a category (ie. New Releases, Latest Galley, Anal, Blowup Babes, etc.) it will automatically begin to download the zip file to your computer. If you accidentally click the wrong link, you can cancel the download by right-clicking and selecting “cancel” in the pop up menu.

In addition to all this you can also retrieve logos, advertisements, headers & web banners as well as plan-o-grams — each links directly to that section of the downloads area.

FAQ: Which Masturbators Have a Smooth Love Tunnel?

Some like 'em smooth

Looking for that perfectly smooth-tunnel masturbator to take in every inch of your manhood?

The ultra-lifelike line of masturbators from Pipedream’s Extreme Toyz collection features a plethora of pussy-and-ass-inspired strokers designed to please men of all sizes and preferences. 

While many of them feature nubs and ribs for added sensation, some guys like a perfectly smooth “love” tunnel.

Regardless of the lining (all of them are made from Fanta Flesh – Pipedream’s unique brand of lifelike skin material), Extreme Toyz offers masturbators in the shape of all our orgasmic orifices: mouths, asses, pussies, as well as combinations.

For those looking to slide right inside a smooth, silky-soft tunnel, try the pussy-lipped Virgin Snatch, a tight little masturbator with a 6” long tunnel and an opening that can stretch to accommodate almost every size under the sun. Bendable, stretchable, and reusable, the Virgin Snatch is a sure way to satisfy those sudden urges and perfect to take with you on the go. 

If you’re an oral or anal guy, then the A.T.M. Masturbator is your ultimate blowjob-and-backdoor bundle! Designed with a pair of opened luscious lips on one end, and a tight, puckered ass on the other, this multi-talented masturbator will bring you to completion in no time!

Make sure to check out the rest of Pipedream’s unique, fun, and exciting collection of masturbators and strokers. They come in various shapes and sizes–some are even life size!

For more information about our smooth-tunnel masturbators, email us at info@pipedreamproducts.com.

FAQ: What size bra should I buy for my mega masturbator?

RD175, RD178 & RD177 (from left to right)

Pipedream Extreme Toys currently offers 3 mega masturbators featuring realistic breasts. Now that they are rising in popularity around the world, boob & lingerie fetishists from the U.S. and beyond are writing in to us asking about bra sizing for the mega masturbators with breasts. These include RD175: Fuck Me Silly 2, RD177: Mega Fuck Slut, and RD178 Fuck My Big Fat Titties.

Here we offer more in depth measurements than ever before for all three mega masturbators and recommended bra sizing* based on a standard Victoria’s Secret 36D bra which we paired with each product.

Recommended bra-sizes

RD175: Fuck Me Silly 2 – 32C
RD177: Mega Fuck Slut – 36D
RD178: Fuck My Big Fat Titties – 36D

Many are also asking if Pipedream makes lingerie for the mega masturbators and the answer is yes, we recently released Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, and while the designs were created for living women, as you can see from recommended bra sizing above, and measurement photo gallery below, you can use bras (and lingerie) made for real women on our mega masturbators.

We will be back with another blog post with Fetish Fantasy Lingerie recommendations for our mega masturbators and a photo gallery for you lingerie enthusiasts!

* NOTE: Bra-sizing fluctuates from manufacturer to manufacturer. Above recommended bra-sizing based on Victoria’s Secret bras & measurements.

Getting a Charge Out of Your Batteries

When batteries work properly, we barely even notice they’re there. But when they begin to die, all rational thinking gets pushed aside, expletives fly out of our mouths and we damn the day we bought the device that’s momentarily not working. I guess it’s safe to say we have a love/hate relationship with batteries. But before you do something drastic like chuck your vibrator against the wall, we have a better solution: know your battery. Being familiar with a battery’s output capacity can put the love back into your relationship (with your toy) — and save your sanity.

Modern standard and extended-life batteries are composed of carbon-zinc, alkaline, or lithium. Rechargeable batteries utilize nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride as their force. Battery life expectancies vary depending on what type is used (standard, extended-life, rechargeable) and what the battery is made of; therefore, we cannot estimate a life expectancy. What is important here is voltage. Voltage is as important to a battery’s performance as getting the right toy is to good sex. In most cases, the lower the voltage, the longer the battery will last; the higher the voltage, the quicker it will burn out. The exceptions to this rule are lithium and A23 batteries; lithium has a higher output capacity (3 volts) — which is why they are a favorite for digital cameras and electronics — and A23′s “round multiple cell” construction gives them a super-charged output (12 volts).

It is important to understand that no battery will last forever. That is why we recommend always keeping spares on hand — or a charger along with spare rechargeable batteries (NEVER try to recharge standard, non-rechargeable batteries). Also, NEVER combine old batteries with new (it drains the power quickly) or standard with rechargeable (for the same reason). And NEVER combine lithium batteries with other types. There are, however, toys that require a combination of different types of batteries, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, ALWAYS recycle used batteries — they are harmful to the environment if disposed of in the trash.

The list below gives a breakdown of battery sizes commonly used in sex toys. This will help you make the correct choice to get your vibe on:

AA — The most common multipurpose battery used in a wide array of devices. A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel cadmium NiCd and nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys as diverse as the Neon Luv Touch Vibe™, Waterproof Wabbit Vibe and the Pipedream Extreme Toyz™ Latino Lover use one, two and three AA batteries (not included), respectively.

AAA — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys such as Neon Love Touch Ribbed Slims™ use two AAA batteries (not included).

C — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys like the 9 Function Multi Wanachi require two C batteries, not included.

N — Also a single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). The Remote Control Waterproof Butterfly™ requires three AA batteries and one N battery to function.

LR41, LR44, AG3 and AG13 — These types of batteries are commonly known as “button cells” for their button-like appearance. They are composed of silver oxide and alkaline, and have an output of 1.5 volts. Small and compact, they come in a wide range of sizes (pay close attention to the exact battery number when replacing). Their minuteness is perfect for toys like the Neon Luv Touch One Touch Egg™ (two LR41 batteries, not included), Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe™ (three LR44 batteries, not included), and the Silicone Rabbit Pearl Deluxe™ (six LR41 and one AG3 battery, not included).

A23 — A multiple-cell alkaline battery. Sometimes encased in a cylindrical cardboard tube (like a standard battery) and sometimes stacked together and shrink-wrapped, the result is the same: 12 volts. Toys like the 10 Function Remote Control Bullet™ require a combination of batteries (six LR44 aka AG13 batteries, and one A23 battery for the remote (included).

Having a time finding replacements for those odd size batteries? We have them in stock.

FAQ: Who’s That Girl? RD177

Now that we’ve answered the myriad of questions we’ve received over the last few months about our new Mega Fuck Slut mega masturbator, guys are starting to wonder who the hottie is on the packaging.

Sofia Santa as seen on RD177

The model on the PDX Toyz Mega Fuck Slut is Sofia Santi.

Sofia Santi on RD177

Fuck Me Silly DUDE & Pornstar DJ NUDE!

Cybersocket Magazine cover - Issue 141

In December, Cybersocket magazine’s “Road Test” article featured our Fuck My Tight Ass mega masturbator, wherein pornstar Austin Wilde reviewed & shared his experience with the product.

Last week we took Pornstar DJ, Dominic Pacifico our new Fuck Me Silly DUDE mega masturbator so he could also do a product “Road Test” in an upcoming issue of Cybersocket.

While we will have to wait until the issue hits news stands in the spring to hear his feedback, he was kind enough to tweet us this photo of him getting ready for the road test.

Looks like a match made in thousand thread count heaven!

Dominic Pacifico with PDX Toyz Fuck Me Silly DUDE!

FMS 1 vs. FMBBA Product Comparison Video & FAQ

By popular demand, we’ve created a side by side comparison of our Fuck Me Silly 1 and Fuck My Big Black Ass mega masturbators.

Video answers these questions we’ve received from customers and more.

- Are they the same shape and size?
- How does the color compare side by side?
- Are the tunnels connected?
- Are they waterproof?

Wondering which Fuck Me Silly mega masturbators are waterproof for soaking wet fun?

Waterproof Fuck Me Silly