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We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup

Just one of 15 awards we've received in 2012 alone!

I know that you know that I know how amazingly incredible and awesome Pipedream is, but I also know that you know that I work here. If our plethora of awards, including the 15 accolades received last year alone, isn’t enough proof of our awesomeness, then maybe some real-life testimonies from reviewers of EdenFantasys.com, where we were listed in the Top 5 Favorite Brands of 2012, will do the trick.

I will never stop talking about our Icicles, and it’s so cool to see that other people share my passion for alternative materials and interesting designs. The IT Guy and his Secretary were so excited to finally receive our Icicles No. 18, as it’s in high-demand and always out of stock. Seems like it was definitely worth the wait — “Well we ended up liking our last Pipedream purchase [Icicles No. 13] so much that… there was not any question of what company we would look at for our new glass toy.”

Prepare for double-sided fun with the Icicles No. 18!

One of their favorite aspects of our Icicles is that they’re made of Pyrex, so they’ve got a super high resistance against breaking. “Because of its molecular structure, it is very difficult to break, and if it were ever to break, Pyrex doesn’t shatter like regular glass… [it] actually tends to break up in big chunks instead of splintering into small, sharp pieces… [making] it safer than normal glass.”

But my favorite part of the Icicles No. 18? I’m sure you recall what a pleasure glutton I am, and those tendencies are completely satisfied with this multi-functional glass massager. Not only does it have some awesome raised bumps across the entire base (yay texture!), but you can actually use either end for penetration, and they each provide a different sensation. The curved shaft is perfect for G-spot stimulation, though I wouldn’t suggest it for P-spot play since there’s no wide base to ensure it doesn’t slip completely inside of your anus.

Five months later and this couple still loves their Icicle! “I think we actually like it even more than when we first reviewed it!”

Along with glass toys, I can feel an upcoming obsession with Shock Therapy brewing in my ladyparts. I’ve been researching the topic a lot lately, and with my recent discovery of the hands-free orgasm one can apparently achieve through electrosex, I’ve craved electricity lately more than during any blackout! I’ve consistently used our Shock Therapy device on my tense shoulders and bad back, but can’t wait to take it to the bedroom. One reviewer agrees that it’s “far more than a toy… Outside of the sexual realm, it is a fantastic muscle massager. When using it on my shoulders and neck at a low, pulsating speed, I was so relaxed after ten minutes that I almost fell asleep!”

If you ♥ electrosex like me, then you must be dying with anticipation for the release of our Shock Therapy Luv Gloves!

But, hey! Don’t lose your boner, because I promise we haven’t forgotten about the sex! If you’re bored in the bedroom, you can jolt your sexcapades back to life with this device’s broad range of intensities for an array of sexual experiences. “On the lower settings, it’s an exciting way to enjoy foreplay with your partner. Dial it up a bit and it’s a sexual stimulator that can get the juices flowing well. Dialed up to the highest setting and it will please just about any BDSM practitioner who wants to get/give some punishment/pleasure.”

And you can rest assured that our Shock Therapy is just as reliable as it is useful. Three months later and “it has been nice to find out that the batteries are lasting a long time, and that the adhesive pads also last when care is taken with them.”

We all know why the once dark, mysterious, and sorta scary world of BDSM has suddenly blown up in the mainstream, so much so that two kink-inspired documentaries produced by James Franco premiered at this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Along with this mainstream acceptance, the response to our Fetish Fantasy Series has been phenomenal.

Our Wartenberg Wheel looks even better against a hot girl!

More and more people are satisfying their more sinister curiosities, as did Lori and Hubby while experimenting with our Wartenberg Wheel. “If you are curious about pinwheels, this is sure to be the perfect toy… Made with short, petite teeth rather than the standard spikes… when using this pinwheel you can be assured that there will not be pain, but rather a firm, tickly type sensation as it glides across your tender areas.”

If anything, you have to check out their review for their steamy, NSFW demonstration video.

Do you review sex toys or are interested in doing so? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick for more information. And don’t forget, our in-house Sexperts are always hungry for questions!