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Pipedream’s Prominence in Russia’s Sex Museum!

While visiting customers in St. Petersburg this week, VP of Sales Steve Sav stopped by the Erotic Museum. Not only did he find our products so prominently displayed in the retail shop, but our Fuck Me Silly 3 was also proudly displayed within the museum!

The Erotic Museum was the first Russian sex museum opened by a local gynecologist in 2004. Well-known for its exhibit of Rasputin’s nearly foot-long penis, the owner of the museum says they plan to buy the organs of Janne d’Arc “to get a girlfriend for the old man.”

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We’re The Shit: Reviewer Roundup #2

The possibilities are endless with our Fetish Fantasy Series Web Bed Restraint System!

“Awesome” has definitely been engrained into the Pipedream vocabulary, but we just can’t help it that everyone loves our products so much! And you all know how much I love weird sex toys, so combining five-star reviews and weird sex toys? Now you’ve got this queerdo Sexpert’s ladyboner popping!

I’ve had my eye on our Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System for a looooong time. One EdenFantasys.com writer raved about the expansive range of positions that can be acquired with this “ingenious” bondage system, making it just as fantastic for beginners as it is for more advanced players. Being that each point of the web is a restraint point, the possible positions are endless. ”The more we look at this and play with it, the more ideas we get!” It’s no wonder that she rated it five stars, complimented by its rank in the Top 10 suspension kits of the entire site!

We make sure you get the most BANG for your buck by continually designing collections with multiple uses! Use this dildo alone, as a strap-on, or for some wall banging fun!

We’ve got two Fetish Fantasy Elite 8″ Dildos — my favorite “extraterrestrial cock” as featured in my introductory weird sex post, and its sister, what I’ve dubbed the “torpedo dick“. Ranked in EdenFantasy’s Top 50 strap-on dildos, its suction cup base is also reported to really suck — in a good way, of course! I love a good wall banging, but sometimes the hard pounding and excess lube has my suction cup dongs sliding up the wall. Not only does this suction cup hold up strong, but it plays hard too. This reviewer gave it  4 out of 5 stars, with an all-around Eden rating of 4.5.

I love our Metal Wörx Double Trouble because it's gender neutral. Metal pleasure for all!

You know that part in the Spice Girls movie where that alien touches Scary Spice’s boob with its weird little three-fingered hand? That’s what our Metal Wörx Double Trouble reminds me of. This toy is anything but alien though, as it’s actually suitable for any gender to enjoy! Though ranked in the Top 50 prostate massagers, the curved shaft is perfect for both G and P-spot stimulation, and the “thumb” can massage both the clit and perineum area. “All that is needed is time and willingness to learn the most effective ways to use it,” said this Eden reviewer. She rated it 4 out of 5 stars, praising its affordable price for allowing more people to experiment with alternative sex toy materials.

Do you review sex toys or are interested in doing so? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com for more information. And don’t forget, our in-house Sexperts are always hungry for questions!

Welcome to the Freak Show!: Exploring “Weird” Sex Toys, Part 2

So nothing’s changed since December – I still like weird sex toys, and fortunately for me, Pipedream still makes weird sex toys! Before working for Pipedream I thought I knew everything about my orgasm and just how to bring it about. But now that I’ve explored the vast range of sex toys – the materials! the shapes! the textures! – I’m learning that there are an infinite number of ways to get yourself off… and I’m a fan of every single one of them! The “weirder” the better – now bring ‘em on!

The Fantasy Glide - or what I like to call the Pogo Fucker - is perfect for seductive solo play, and even better when a partner is involved!

Our Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Glide was the first weird toy I stumbled upon during my first walk through Pipedream Headquarters. What is THAT? A pogo fucker? This self-powered fuck machine is the shit. All you do is push down on the handles like a pogo stick, and the dong down below will penetrate at whatever speed you create. At first I couldn’t imagine many positions with this device, but after watching the super-hot XXX demo video I was convinced this toy would be imperative to the collection of any kinky connoisseur!

This ain't your ordinary butterfly toy!

If you had a hard time believing that the hands-free orgasm exists, then shit’s about to get real. Our Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator is exactly what you need to experiment with e-stim around your pleasure parts. The butterfly “wings” are perfectly shaped for your pelvic region, and the device itself is super easy to operate with just a few buttons that delegate six patterns of electro-massage. It’s great for sore muscles too – seriously! I’ve got my whole roller derby team hooked on our Shock Therapy collection.


I’m not gonna lie, I totally laughed too when I first saw our Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers. Those things go on toilets, not tits! Though they might look a bit like turd churners, the only thing dirty about these bad boys is the wild sex they’ll lead to! I used to have sensitivity issues before I got my nipples pierced, so nipple stimulation was a big deal in my bedroom. These plungers are a quick and easy way to make your nipples perk with pleasure, bringing upon increased sensitivity and enhanced sensation. (If you have issues with your nips too, specifically those lacking sensitivity, I highly suggest getting yours pierced! The feelings are incredibly intense now.)

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Screw “Love” and Screw Yourself!

There’s a lot of shame about being single, especially around Valentine’s Day, as if being alone is some debilitating disease. For whatever reason,  this holiday revolves mostly around the mainstream idea of love and relationships. Well, guess the fuck what — there’s more to love than just two people swapping spit all awkward-like in the booth next to you at your favorite diner, you know, those annoying couples who sit on the same fucking side, as if an extra foot across the table would threaten the very existence of their companionship. Oh yeah, you know those couples.

I might get some shit for this, but that lovey dovey stuff just doesn’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some spiteful spinster who’s just dismissing the love that’s totally possible for two people to share (and I’m not dissing spinsters, either!) But to quote the Queen of my heart, my TV, and current Spotify station, RuPaul says it best — “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

This song always picks me up when I’m feeling down. Let Ru remind you that you’re AWESOME!

The truest form of love is the love you have for yourself. You are always going to be there for you. You are your number one lover. And the way you feel about yourself will dictate your ability to care for others. As author and personal development advocate Shakti Gawain says, “My primary relationship is with myself — all others are mirrors of it.”

Mia Isabella never fails to induce a raging ladyboner for me!

Just like no one can love you the way you love yourself, no one can get you off the way you can get yourself off, either. Who knows your curves and pleasure points better than you? When practicing self-love, there’s no arguing and no awkward attempts at guiding a clueless partner. This Valentine’s Day, let’s bask in our own beauty — screw expensive dates and just screw yourself! Here’s what my perfect solo Valentine’s celebration would look like.

At the top of my wish list is the Fuck Me Silly! Mia Isabella. Pipedream is the first and only mainstream novelty company to manufacture a trans love doll. The awareness and acceptance of all bodies, genders, and sexualities is a priority to me, making this queer kinkster even more proud to work here. Plus, Mia’s fuckin’ hot! She’s been named TS Performer of the Year multiple times by XBIZ and URBANX, and most recently won the 2013 XBIZ Award for best TS DVD… and she’s got holes and poles suitable for any person’s pleasure parts!

As a pleasure glutton, I absolutely LOVE our Metal Worx Slim Fave. Not only does it have a different shape and texture on either side, but all of our Metal Worx pieces are perfect for temperature play… meaning even more options! That’s one single toy that delivers what, like, six different sensations?! There we go again, creating innovative pleasure products and redefining “more bang for your buck!”

Our Ladies of the Night Fuck Hole is sure to bring you extraterrestrial ecstasy!

I don’t have to remind you of my love for weird sex again, do I? Cool, then you’ll understand why this stroker from Pipedream Extreme Toyz would definitely be on my to-do list, if only I had a dick, of course. Our Ladies of the Night Fuck Hole has me contemplating what extraterrestrial twat would taste like. Though we may never know, with this glow-in-the-dark martian-like masturbator, you’re one step closer to banging the beyond!

Since my love for Mia Isabella is raging today, here’s my Valentine’s gift to you — a gallery of her smokin’ hot molding sesh for Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection. Enjoy!

For more masturbation tips, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at Sabrina@PipedreamProducts.com. You can also anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.


Pipedream Featured in Swiss Book

Pipedream Products is no stranger to being included in Top & Best Of lists ‘strange,’ ‘bizarre’ or even ‘weird’ sex toys. In the blogosphere, we’ve been featured on such lists posted by Weird Worm, The Frisky, and most recently our Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator was top of the list by LA Weekly After Dark.

Wicked: Design on the Edge of Bad Taste cover

Wicked: Design on the Edge of Bad Taste cover

Just this week we received a copy of WICKED: Design on the Edge of Bad Taste, a new book published by BIRKHAUSER in Switzerland, featuring pecker shaped items from our Gag and Bachelorette Catalogs. The photo heavy book, which was a concept of Karen Bofinger, features a huge assortment of all things odd and entertaining from a gas mask shaped shower head and rib cage iPad case to hand grenade salt n pepper shakers and a giant red lip shaped urinal.

Pages 74 & 75 featuring Pipedream Pecker

Pages 74 & 75 featuring Pipedream Pecker

Pages 74 & 75 of the book is where our Pecker Mug, Penis Putter (no longer avail.) and Bachelorette Pecker Straws can be seen scattered amongst the phallic funnies.

The book should be available soon from Birkhauser GmbH.

Something Weird This Way Comes

We're #1 For Fun! 2011 Catalog

People like to blog about all things weird.

Our Oral Sex Light has caught attention of tech bloggers like Gizmodo and Inventors Spot as well as Nerd Approved, Kill Some Time, and Bordom.net, just to name a few.

Most recently we saw it top the list of 10 Weird Sex Toys posted by a mommy blogger in Finland who says she would “need a disguise” just to shop for it online.

Pipedream has always been known for its wide variety of novelty and gag (ie. weird) gifts. In fact, we have an entire catalog dedicated to exactly these types of products.

So we’ve decided to do a giveaway for fans of weird novelties.

And what is the prize? Our brand new Tuggie, which has its very own Facebook fan page (that we didn’t start) and was featured in a post by Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

So how do you win The Tuggie?

1. Leave a comment below on this blog with a link to your favorite weirdest Pipedream Product and a link to where it can be purchased (our site or your favorite retailer).

2. Share this contest on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr or your blog so others can join in the fun.

3. A winner will be chosen through a drawing and announced next Tuesday, 01/11/11!

The Tuggie: The fuzzy sock that warms your cock!